Pankaj Tanwar

Hey ūüĎč, I'm Pankaj!

This is my spot on the web for my posts, projects, experiments, notes and everything else.

I'm a Developer, Writer & Creator. Currently, I'm a Software Engineer at Refyne. We are building India's first Earned Wage Access platform. (trust me, it's super cool)

Usually, I can be found indie-hacking some cool side hustles and sharing my journey on twitter. I write about engineering, system architecture & my personal life in my newsletter.

In free time, I play hide and seek with my tiny friends, Kafka & Docker (Ahh, please Don't kill me for these names - The one at the right is Kafka, she has high throughput :)

Kafka and Docker - My Cats

I love documenting & sharing what I learn, so enjoy the site. You can contact me by email at to say hi!

Oh, did I mention? You may find my 404 page interesting.