Pankaj Tanwar

Side Hustles.

I like to build things. Always up for something exciting.

Cric-Code : A Fake VS Code.

Cric-Code is a fake VS Code, so you can browse live cricket score in your office. It lets me browse Cricbuzz as a VS code editor & makes me look like I am doing actual work 😉

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Rakshak - रक्षक 👮

Want to trace unwanted personal data leakage in API responses? A friendly tool to trace & protect PII (Personally Identifiable Info) on your website at a single click.

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A platform for people to share their personal resources!

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A 30x light weight alternative to nodemon to monitor your nodejs applications.

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A smart, affordable & interactive e-learning platform for kids.

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An Online Web based real time team collaboration whiteboard with extra features as drawing request, moderators etc.

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