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I resigned.... what's next? 🚀

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Pack-up 🚀

Recently, I resigned from my position as a Software engineer at without much of a plan on what to do next. Figured out, the new year is a good time to talk about this.

I joined Paisabazaar, last year right after my graduation. It's an amazing place to work. I loved working with some of the smartest people in tech. I learned tons, made a lot of friends, and got support trying out new things. I was trusted and got some really interesting projects to build at scale. I literally enjoyed giving technical talk, hunting bugs as a part of the internal bug bounty program, writing internal technical blogs & a lot more there, apart from coding. It was one of the most exciting phases of my life (which paid well also 😉).

But I resigned.

I resigned without even letting my parents know. I resigned from a very comfortable and stable job at such an early stage of my career. Some people called me brave, many of them called me stupid and some called me both. But anyway, I am excited and scared. I am on my own. I know my path.

I have enough projects in the pipeline. And I have joined, my friends at Jaipur to build something exciting and super-cool. On a side note, I'm looking forward to being more regular on my technical writings & preparing to launch a couple of side-hustles very very soon.

"that's a bold move, following passion, coming out of comfort zone, you took risk" are some of the texts I received once I resigned. Ummmmm, good words to boost my self-ego but I know it is gonna be hard...... really hard. I will hit walls, very badly.... and I am ready for that, I am ready to fail, I am ready to learn. Hopefully, I can make this work. Wish me luck.

Anyway, I guess some of you know that I'm active on Twitter as @the2ndfloorguy, and if you are interested in what an unfunny & strange programmer will do next, see you there!

And yeah, next time, you plan to come to Jaipur, just shoot me a message and I will show you around.

I had a cute fun exercise in my notice period 🥺.

Goodbye Paisabazaar.