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Check If Two String Arrays are Equivalent.

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Problem of the day - Check If Two String Arrays are Equivalent

Tag - Easy.

Problem appeared very very easy to me. So, problem say, two string arrays word1 & word2 are given and it return true if array elements concatenated results in the same string for both arrays.

example -

word1 = ["ab", "c"], word2 = ["a", "bc"]

output should be true as both arrays results into abc after concatenation.

My approach would be just to have two empty string variables. Iterate over each array and prepare final strings after concatenation, just return if both strings are equal or not.


class Solution {
bool arrayStringsAreEqual(vector<string>& word1, vector<string>& word2) {
string str1 = "";
string str2 = "";
for(auto x: word1) str1 += x;
for(auto x: word2) str2 += x;
return str1 == str2;

Time Complexity - O(n)

Space Complexity - O(1)

God, remind me to look at this another smart approach.

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