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Three Divisors.

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Problem of the day - Three Divisors

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Given an integer n, return true if n has exactly three positive divisors. Otherwise, return false.

An integer m is a divisor of n if there exists an integer k such that n = k * m.

Example 1:

Input: n = 2 Output: false Explantion: 2 has only two divisors: 1 and 2.

Just by looking at the problem, I figured out the algorithm.

The trick in this question is, as for each number, it would be divisible to 1 and the number itself. Which meas, We just have to check if its divisible by a perfect square.

class Solution {
bool isPrime(int n) {
for(int i=2;i<n;i++) {
if(n % i == 0) return false;
return true;
bool isThree(int n) {
// checck the value of n
if(n == 1) return false;
int sq = sqrt(n);
// perfect square and check of isPrime
if(sq * sq == n && isPrime(sq)) return true;
return false;

I was going through the leetcode discussion tab and I found a great & smart approach for this problem.

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